MCTV Quarterly Meeting

Thursday, November 30, 2017, 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm
34 2nd Street, Turners Falls
A meeting of the MCCI Board

Meeting of MCCI Board

Members: (Quorum)

  • Present: Mike Langknecht, President, at 6:00 PM
  • Present: Veronica Phaneuf, Treasurer, at 6:00 PM

Also Present:

  • Deirdre Pleasant
  • Dean Garvin
  • Ray Sebold

See original Agenda Approved Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened: 6:15 PM

Meeting closed: 7:00 PM

  1. Meeting Preliminaries

    • Meeting Opened / Attendance Taken (see above).

    • No minutes to approve.

  2. Meeting Items

    • 1: Treasurer's Report

    • 2: Staff Report

      MOTION, moved by Veronica Phaneuf, seconded by Mike Langknecht: Approve up to $20,000 capitall purchases for comrex, laptop and desk computer.

      Pass: Aye: Mike Langknecht, Veronica Phaneuf. Not Present: Dana Faldasz, Mik Muller.

      1. MCTV_staff_report_8-18-17_thru_11-30-17.pdf
    • 3: Selectboard Meeting Room Upgrade

      General Discussion...
      Town Hall Meeting room upgrades successful and working great.

    • 4: GMRSD Meeting Room Issues

    • 5: New Facility Discussions

      General Discussion...
      Reminders to Steve Ellis regarding new facility. Bring info to Town Meeting.

    • 6: Board Development

    • 7: Notify the Town that we intend to renew our contract when it expires

  3. Meeting Wrap-up

The listing of matters is those reasonably anticipated by the Chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.

Minutes prepared by Dierdre Pleasant

Minutes approved on Friday, Feb 23, 2018