August 29th-September 2nd, 2016

New beginnings for Erving and the Gill-Montague bridge

This week, celebrate with us new beginnings for the Erving Riverfront and the Gill-Montague bridge.

On August 20th Erving held an opening ceremony for its Riverfront project, which has been in planning for five years and will now begin in early September. which was filmed and now available for streaming on our website. The first phase of the Erving Riverfront Park project will reimagine the site of an abandoned paper mill and construct a recreation and conservation area on half of its 14 acres, to include a picnic pavillion, community garden, and more. 

The 78-year-old Avenue A bridge has just completed a $48 million rehabilitation project, restoring its steel truss structure. We have a new video of the August 25th ribbon cutting ceremony revealing the bridge on our website--watch and celebrate with the MassDOT CEO Stephen Pollack, Highway Administrator Tinlin Thomas Tinlin, Michael Knapik of the Governor's office and Senate President Stanley Rosenberg. This project added a new traffic signal and wider travel lanes, while improving bicycle accessibility. 

You also might want to check out more local aerial views in Drone Station ID #2 and some sweet entertainment featuring Kelsey Belleau of Northampton High School, a singer-songwriter who shares with us a bittersweet melody many will relate to. Catch it all on

With September coming upon us, we watch our children go to back to school on Thursday Sept. 1st and look forward to a month of historical programming at the Great Falls Discovery Center in Turners Falls. 

Something going on you think others would like to see? Get in touch to learn how easy it is to use a camera and capture the moment. (413), or stop by 34 2nd Street in Turners between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. We'd love to work with you!