Week of September 26th-30th, 2016

New this week: September’s end

Thirty days hath September... so there's not a lot of time left to enjoy September apples! Maybe you want to hitch a ride to Clarkdale Fruit Farms in Deerfield or Apex Orchards in Shelburne Falls. Or pick up some apples at the Great Falls Farmers Market on Wednesday, between 2-6pm!

Have you heard the news on this season's fall foliage? Due to dry weather throughout the summer, leaves are expected to turn dry and fall off without our usual dazzling array of colors. So that being said... enjoy any bursts of red, yellow and orange while they last, this year.

September's end has its perks though... it means that PUMPKINFEST is coming soon, just a month away. And while it's easy to forget that this presidential election season will come to an end, please take this as a reminder that the deadline to register to vote is coming up on October 19th

As usual the Montague Selectboard meeting will air live on Monday at 7:00 PM. This week's meeting will be brief, and will cover a Public Comment Period, Personnel Board changes, and the Town Administrators' report. 

Videos newly available on montaguetv.org include the most recent Montague Selectboard meeting, Gill Selectboard meeting, and Montague Finance Committee meeting, as well as two new videos from Carlos W. Anderson. Stay tuned for more!

Something going on you think others would like to see? Get in touch to learn how easy it is to use a camera and capture the moment. (413) 863-9200infomontaguetv@gmail.com, or stop by 34 2nd Street in Turners between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. We'd love to work with you!