Week of December 12th-16th, 2016

New this week: GMRSD Mascot Inquiry #2

Here at MCTV we're getting ready to fully welcome the winter. Here are some new videos to check out this week on our website and in the TV schedule:

  • Honoring Frank Abbondanzio 11/13/16: Frank Abbondanzio retired on December 6th, and has been the longest serving municipal administrator in Franklin County. Learn about his work in Montague in this celebratory event, which kicks off with a speech by Abbondanzio himself. Check it out Friday at 11 AM or at montaguetv.org.
  • Veteran's Day Ceremony 11/11/16: Stay tuned to watch the Veteran's Day ceremony on TV or at montaguetv.org. Late-nighters can see it early on Friday at 1:32 AM. 
  • GMRSD Mascot Forum Social Justice Perspective 12/8/16: This is the School Committee's second expert inquiry event on the question of the high school's mascot. Laura Valdiviezo, EdD. presents knowledge pertaining to the mascot debate from a social justice perspective. See it on montaguetv.org.  

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