Week of March 6th-10th, 2017

New this week: Moonlight Davis & Nolumbeka Sacred Sites

Greetings from Montague Community Television! We hope your March is off to a good start. Spring is right around the corner...

This week, we'd like to draw your attention to two new MCTV videos available on our website. 

The first features singer Moonlight Davis, performing at Greenfield Savings Bank. Moonlight Davis also talks about the many traditions that make up his heritage as a musician and a person. He makes a point that while this program was scheduled as part of Black History month, it is important to acknowledge that black history is much bigger than something that can be fit into one month and is part of every single day of the year. Some of the songs he performs are "Smile," a gospel song by Kirk Franklin, and the popular "Happy" by Pharrel Williams. Learn more about Moonlight Davis by visiting https://moonlightandmorningstar.wordpress.com/.

The second video is a presentation by Evan Pritchard on connecting sacred sites in the Nolumbeka area. He speaks to the fact that the destruction of sacred sites at Standing Rock has recently had some attention to the media, and that the Nolumbeka area is also rich in sacred sites, and the destruction of them in recent years has gone unreported by the media. Pritchard opens his presentation by quoting a call from Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of Prophecies, that the solution to turning "these terrible times" lies in the protection of sacred sites, and that to do this it is crucial to understand the importance of these sites. In our area, Pritchard explains, there are many sacred sites in the forms of islands used for millenia as meeting places, crossroads of ancient pathways, waterfalls used for landmarks, prayer and fishing, confluences of rivers and streams, mountain tops, stone chambers and other stone structures with alignments to the sun, moon and stars. Pritchard has done research mapping out these structures and finding where they congregate, throughout the rivers where canoe based societies lived and traveled regularly. Pritchard's idea is that by understanding the connectivity between these sites we can begin to grasp the sites' importance. 

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