Week of March 5th-9th, 2018

New this week: Dollmaking with Belinda Lyons Zucker

This week, look for "Making African Dolls with Belinda Lyons Zucker" on channel 17, or find it at montaguetv.org/p/76/Latest-Videos. It'll be a real treat if you do.

This video films an event at Greenfield Savings Bank where community members were invited to make Ode to Spring dolls with Belinda Lyons Zucker, a very skilled local artist. Watch this video to see Lyons Zucker provide support for event attendees in their diverse expressions of Ode to Spring dolls at the event; to see her present her doll Miss Cora, explaining how she made Miss Cora and the meaning behind her choices; and to hear intimate conversations with Lyons Zucker about the use of dolls to stand in place of departed loved ones in African cultures. Lyons Zucker says she learned a great deal about the use of African dolls from researcher Elisabeth Cameron, who has a book called Isn't S/He a Doll: Play and Ritual in African Culture.

To see more of Lyons Zucker's work, visit picturetrail.com/beezdolls. You can contact her about handmade dolls and dollmaking parties at beezartdolls@gmail.com or 617-818-1970. Belinda Lyons Zucker also has a gallery in Shelburne Falls you can visit--the Artisan Gallery, which is not open on Tuesdays. Check it out if you can!

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