The Political Process in Action on MCTV

Starting this week at MCTV is a unique opportunity to observe the political process in Montague, specifically Precinct 5, in Turners Falls.  

On June 3rd a Mini Debate and Run Off Election took place as a result of a tie in the election between candidates Jack Nelson and Matt Cohen.  Hosted by local radio personality Monte Belmonte, the debate was aired live on MCTV with candidates fielding questions on a wide range of topics. The event was coordinated by writer and former editor of the Montague Reporter David Detmold who encourages local folks to watch and be involved "because town meeting truly does affect everyone in town, from setting the level of funding for our schools to our highway department, and voting on policies like whether to criminalize graffiti or whether the town should vote to oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline."  The video is now available for download at or watch the broadcast aired at various times throughout the week and includes the outcome of this unique run-off election.

There is so much more up for viewing including programming on area history, ecology, public meetings and the arts. Stay tuned for footage from the 10th Annual Family Fish Day! Check out the TV Schedule and the Latest MCTV Video links on our website
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