MCTV Premier Party this Week!

This Friday August 14th at 6pm Montague Community Television will be holding a premier release party for season one  of Val’s Valley View, a local program hosted by Valerie Magoon featuring terrific events throughout our area.

In July and August MCTV has been showing a “First Look” trailer of what’s to come on the program such as highlights of the Mutton and Mead Festival and paddle boarding at Barton’s Cove.  Episode one will be shown at the premier party and showcases the 10th Annual Family Fish Day hosted by the Great Falls Discovery Center in Turners Falls on June 6th. In partnership with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the day was an opportunity for first time fishers to cast a line and learn from more experienced anglers. No license was required, and the event was free for all.  

In addition to trying their hand at fishing, attendees had the opportunity to create their own work of art from replicas of Connecticut River fish.  Sponsored by the Northfield Mountain Recreation and Environmental Center, visitors to the Turners Falls Fishway not only could learn about resident and migratory fish habits, but could print a t-shirt or bandana from scientifically accurate fish replicas.  Also offered during the fish day were lessons in fly tying, casting instruction, aquatic insect investigation and free raffle prizes. The weather was perfect and drew over a hundred participants.

Currently Val and the MCTV team are in production of an upcoming episode of Val's Valley View featuring the 2nd Annual Pocumtuck Homelands Festival held August 1st at Unity Park in Turners Falls. There is much more to come as we move into the beautiful fall months with many events for children and adults to enjoy throughout our region.

Come celebrate with us this Friday!