Val’s Valley View Launch a Great Success!

Videographer Owen Weaver and program host Val Magoon. Photo by B Pelton

The MCTV studios were buzz on Friday, August 14th, with a great crowd for the premiere of Val's Valley View. 

Cramming nearly fifty people into the tiny studio offices, two showings of the first episode were needed for all in attendance to get a gander of  local Valerie Magoon's new show. MCTV has been airing promotional 'First Look' segments for the last month piquing the interest of viewers about the first episode and what is to come on the program.  "Fun, fun, fun guys, way to go!!! Can't wait to see more, love the show and seeing everyone interact with Val, keep it up!!" exclaimed the attendees. 

Episode One featured the 10th Annual Family Fish Day in at the Turners Falls Discovery Center with future episodes highlighting the Mutton and Mead Festival and the Pocumtuck Homelands Festival.  The first episode begins airing at MCTV Wednesday night at 8:30pm and is available for live streaming on our website now.  

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