Local Music Spotlight - The Snaz

New in our download listing and joining our regular program rotation is a performance by Vermont teenage phenoms The Snaz at this year's Upper Valley Music Festival.

"It's every disc jockey's dream to pop in an unknown record by an unknown band and then hear something that makes you believe that you may have discovered the next big thing. You like it so much you rush to the radio to play it for everyone. That's what happened when I heard The Snaz's "Anna".  — Monty Belmonte, WRSI The River.

Based in Brattleboro, this young up-and-coming four piece just came back from its summer tour which hit a serious high note when they played South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, the 'go-to' festival for music afficionados and band recognition.  That is nothing short of amazing given that hundreds of bands apply annually and are rejected.  The Snaz was one of six bands accepted from Vermont this year.  Not short on ingenuity, the band raised over $5000 through a successful Kickstarter campaign to get them to the festival. Not bad at all for a bunch of junior high and high school students.

Though not old enough to hang out in the bars and clubs where they play, their energy and commitment to making music hasn't waned despite the difficulties. Keep your eye and ears on The Snaz, because these kids are going places!!

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