Week of March 29-April 5

The Phantom of The Opera

This week, the concerts outnumber the meetings! Check the MCTV Vimeo page or Channel 17 for a new film by Atticus Belmonte. Atticus has produced a compilation of scenes from Patch Production's immersive production of The Phantom Of The Opera, which was performed at The Shea Theater. This version of the classic opera is set in the early 1960's and uses music from the period. We also have two new videos up from "Mud Season" at the Shea. You can find recordings of Bigfut as well as the Dave Bulley Band on our page. And dont miss "A Garden Song '': Music and Lyrics from Carlos W Anderson and Johnny Earl who dedicated their video to Peace in Ukraine. As for meetings, we have an up to date Gill Selectboard meeting and Montague Finance Committee Meeting.All community members are welcome to submit their videos to be aired on Channel 17, as well as featured on the MCTV Vimeo page. MCTV is always available to assist in local video production as well. Cameras, tripods, and lighting equipment are available for checkout, and filming and editing assistance can be provided. MCTV is still looking for board members, so if you would like to stop in for a meeting, even just to check the vibe, email infomontaguetv@gmail.com for a link to the Zoom! The next meeting is coming up on April 21st.
Something going on you think others would like to see? If you get in touch, we can show you how easy it is to use a camera and capture the moment.
Contact us at (413) 863-9200, infomontaguetv@gmail.com.