April 11-18 2023

Mother Tongue

"Mother Tongue" by the First Generation Ensemble was so beautiful and powerful that I was moved to tears many times while filming and editing the piece. MCTV is lucky to have such a gem in our collection, and I hope that you can make time to view it on our Vimeo, but must also keep an eye out for another one of their performances soon. The Montague Board of Health met on April 12, and the recording of what transpired can be found on Vimeo as well, along with a Selecboard Meeting from Gill.

All MCTV videos are available on our Vimeo page and all community members are welcome to submit their videos to be aired on Channel 17, as well as featured on the MCTV Vimeo page. Think of what you would like to make and come see how we can help! MCTV is always available to assist in local video production as well. Cameras, tripods, and lighting equipment are available for checkout, and filming and editing assistance can be provided.
Or is there something going on you think others would like to see? If you get in touch, we can show you how easy it is to use a camera and capture the moment.