March 26- April 2, 2024

Lizarella phones home

"Lizarella phones home" once again in front of her greenscreen studio set in space. Her transmission comes through two times this week: once to review a book alongside her space cat, and another in which she interviews Professor Dr. Untoid, "the kidnapper of humanity" and "maker of worlds". In Earth news, we have a recording of the April 1st Montague Selectboard meeting, as well as the Montague Finance Committee meeting and the GMRSD Meeting. All community members, as well as our extraterrestrial neighbors are welcome and encouraged to submit their videos to be aired on Channel 9, as well as featured on the MCTV Vimeo page, that means you! If you have any ideas for films, MCTV is always available to assist in local video production as well. Cameras, tripods, and lighting equipment are available for checkout, and filming and editing assistance can be provided. And if you're looking for more ways to get involved, consider joining the MCTV Board! If you would like to stop in for a meeting, even just to check the vibe, email for a link to the Zoom!

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