Week of February 29th-March 4th, 2016

New this week: Northern Roots 2016 & Opioid Task Force

This Saturday, your voice can be heard at the "Power of Water, Power of Words" participatory art exhibit at the Great Falls Discovery Center. At 1pm, express your thoughts and wishes to the government about the operation of five hydropower facilities on the Connecticut River. Presented by the Connecticut River Watershed Commission. 

Here at MCTV, production rolls on. Don't forget to check out the live broadcasts of local meetings including the Montague Selectboard on Mondays at 7pm and the Finance Committee Meeting on Wednesdays at 6pm. The following videos are now available online & for download: 

  • Northern Roots 2016: This is the evening concert of the Brattleboro Music Center's 9th annual Northern Roots Traditional Music Festival which took place January 30th, 2016. This year's festival featured the rich traditions of Ireland, Scotland, England, Scandinavia, New England and French Canada. Enjoy the sounds of musicians Keith Murphy, Mariel Vandersteel and Stash Wysloush, Becky Tracy and Dan Restivo, Will Woodson and Erin McDonald, and Traddleboro 2016: Amanda Witman, Mia Bertelli, and Robin Davis--all dazzling us in this performance. 1 hr, 56 mins.
  • Opioid Task Force January 2016: This latest episode of Franklin County Matters, hosted by Dave Roulston, takes in depth into the Opioid Task Force, tackling the problem of heroin addiction and prescription abuse in Franklin County and the North Quabbin Region. The first half brings us to an interview with Edward McCafrey, an addiction & substance abuse counselor/case-manager in Greenfield, followed by a discussion with Marisa Hebble--director of the Recover Project of Greenfield, and Ruth Potee, family physician at Valley Medical Group. 59 mins. 
  • Also check out recent local meetings including the Gill town meeting from 2/22/16, the Gill Selectboard meeting from 2/22/16, the Gill Montague Regional School District Meeting from 2/23/16, and the Montague Cable Advisory Committee meeting from 2/23/16.

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