MCTV Underwriting Rates and Information

Montague Community Cable (MCTV Channel 17) is now offering local business a multi-media promotional opportunity at a very affordable rate: Government Access Underwriting.

MCTV produces videos of town government meetings and popular local events hosted by Turners Falls RiverCulture, Montague Parks and Recreation, the Gill Slate Memorial and the Montague Public Libraries. Government Access Underwriting allows businesses to potentially reach 4,000 local cable viewers.

MCTV aggressively promotes online streaming, broadening access in particular for viewers working in town and living outside the cable television area and for those who do not subscribe to the cable company. Underwriting announcements will be viewed many times via MCTV’s multiple online sites and Town websites.

Sponsor numbers are limited to 10 to ensure a media environment free of the usual noise and clutter of commercials.

Funds raised allow MCTV to provide more and better coverage of the news, events, and stories that local viewers say they want to watch, programs that can’t be seen anywhere else.



Announcements are 10 seconds and contain a voice over, text, and logo. They can include: business or organization logo, name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, tag line or motto. Underwriters will submit a high-resolution jpeg file of their logo along with desired text. The announcement may not contain any qualitative descriptions (best selection / widest variety), price references or adjectives (best, convenient), or be a call to action.



Programs to be underwritten:

  • Montague and Gill Town Meetings
  • Montague and Gill Selectboard Meetings
  • Montague Finance Committee Meetings
  • Gill-Montague Regional School District School Committee Meetings
  • Special Town Meetings and other meetings from the Zoning Board, Turners Falls RiverCulture, the Conservation Commission, and other departments

Gov Access Package 1: $1,000 per year

Gov Access Package 2: $700 for 6 months


Television Exposure:

1. Beginning of live cablecasts, 10 seconds

2. Beginning and end of repeat* cablecasts, 10 seconds each announcement

* Each meeting is repeated 3-4 times. For example, there are generally 208 cablecasts of Montague Selectboard meetings per year.


Internet Exposure:

On-demand government access video streaming

  • Town of Montague’s website
  • Town of Gill’s website
  • MCTV’s website
  • MCTV’s vimeo page
  • MCTV’s facebook page

Click through to underwriter websites via MCTV website


Print Exposure:

MCTV government access videos are actively promoted through a column in the Montague Reporter and in annual mailings to the MCTV viewing area’s postal patrons.