Montague Community Television Staff

MCTV has one full-time staff person and several contracted operators:

  • Station Manager: Dean Garvin works from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday-Friday. Oversees day-to-day running of the station, equipment management, training/supervision of station staff & community producers, Runs in- studio and remote live shoots, operations/set up of multicamera shoots, provides coverage for Government meetings/town events, Vimeo management, Provides Quarterly/Annual reports for the Town and CAC. Dean can be reached at deancgarvin@gmailcom or 413-863-9200.
  • Assistant Station Manager: Deirdre Pleasant Responsible for all program sheduling, camera check out/shoot coordinating, PSA management, Program Outreach, File conversions and video server management, Maintains website, Station maintenance, Social Media management 413-863-9200.
  • Videographers and camera operators: Hannah Brookman, Janet Massucci, Deirdre Pleasant, Hannah Brookman, Duncan Bullen, Joel Paxton, Ben Lomardi-Barrell, Danielle Demos, Emma Hurst, Atticus Belmonte, Enzo Belmonte
  • Video editing, titling, compressing and uploading: Hannah Brookman, Janet Massucci, Emma Hurst, Danielle Demos, Atticus Belmonte, Enzo Belmonte

These staff people coordinate with each other and the station manager, who reports to the MCCI Board, which fills the role of an Executive Director.

The Board meets once a quarter at the station. See our calendar for the current schedule.