Quick Shot Video PSA Guide


What’s happening in your work, school, and community that you’d like to let Montague Community Television (MCTV) viewers and online visitors know about?  MCTV invites community members to come down to the studio and make brief one or two person studio appearances in video public service announcements (PSAs) called Quick Shots.

Quick Shot is a unique addition to our program lineup and is cablecast on Channel 17.  Produced in the Montague Community Studio at 34 2nd Street in Turners Falls, Quick Shot allows you to share your news, information or perspective with a potential audience of over 3,500 cable subscribers and the online viewers of our Internet channel.

No studio production training is necessary — you just need to have something to say, news to share—you can even do something creative, as long as it doesn’t require sound engineering.  To view examples of video PSAs, visit MCTV online at:


For more information about Quick Shot, to submit a request, or to schedule a studio date, contact MCTV at 863-9200 or visit montaguetv.org and go to contact info.


  • What is Quick Shot?
  • Who can make a Quick Shot video clip?
  • What can I do in the video?
  • What can I talk about?
  • Is there anything I can’t talk about?
  • How should I get ready for my appearance?
  • What should I wear?
  • What do I need to know for the day of taping?
  • What else do I need to know?


1. What is Quick Shot?

Produced at the Montague Community TV Studio, Quick Shot allows people and organizations to share their news, information and perspectives with the community.  No studio production training is necessary — you just need to have something to say.

2. Who can make a Quick Shot video clip?

  • Any resident of Montague, Gill or Erving, or someone who works or volunteers in these towns, is welcome to sign up.  Minors (under 18) need parental permission.
  • Representatives of organizations, town government, and businesses can also sign up for appearances.
  • We will record commentaries of individuals (up to 10 minutes). In the near future, we will also record the conversations (up to 25 minutes) of two or three people who want to appear together.
  • No prior training is necessary. We will work with you before the recording to help you get comfortable with the process and to better understand how to get your message across effectively.


3. What can I do in Quick Shot?

  • We provide the studio and enough crew to record what you have to say. All you have to do is provide the content.
  • We are not prepared for this program to record performances or other more complex productions. Additionally, we are unable to provide an interviewer, host, teleprompter, or specialized equipment or sets.
  • In the same studio, MCTV community producers have received training to be able to produce more elaborate productions for themselves. We hope that all Montague area residents and organizations (including participants in this program) will consider doing the same.  There’s so much great local TV to make.
  • In some circumstances, we may be able to incorporate a shot of a poster or piece of artwork, play a CD or videotaped segment, or include a logo. These arrangements must be requested and approved in advance by the Community TV staff.


4. What can I talk about?

  • The opinions expressed are your own. You can choose the subject matter and how you want to express your thoughts and feelings about it.
  • Pick a subject that you are able to discuss easily, without having to read from a script.
  • Plan far in advance for any time-sensitive topics or information, as it may be a month or longer before your program is shown on MCTV, though we hope to cablecast it and stream it on online within two weeks.


5. Is there anything I can’t talk about?

  • We are providing this forum as an opportunity for you to inform the community about news and events and, if you are coming in to share your perspectives on something, to exercise your freedom of speech. You can be as opinionated as you wish and may choose your own subject matter, but there are some restrictions based on civil law and MCTV policy.
  • MCTV is a non-commercial forum, so you can’t raise funds or promote commercial products or services.
  • We cannot legally include any content that is obscene or libelous.
  • Because of the time slot when this program will be shown, statements may not include potentially offensive material such as profanity or language that is abusive on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.


6. How should I get ready for my appearance?

  • Think about what you want to say when you’re in Quick Shot. Practice in front of a mirror or friends. Your message will be more effective if you are looking at the camera and speaking directly to viewers.
  • When we are ready to make two cameras and more seats available we can tape brief interviews and conversations.  If you are appearing with one or two speakers, practice with them ahead of time. Sort out what you want to talk about and who would be best to lead the discussion. Viewers will hear the points you want to get across better if the discussion is organized, with one person speaking at a time.
  • Make sure that you have done the following:

Carefully read all of these materials

Submit a request and discuss it with MCTV staff

Get your questions answered in advance

Get written confirmation of the date and time of your taping

Learn how to get to the studio at 34 2nd Street in Turners Falls

If working with others, make sure that they are committed, prepared, and aware of all related information


7. What should I wear?

  • You should wear clothes that you are comfortable in.
  • Some colors should be avoided — especially white, red, and other bright colors that can glare under the lights. Grays, pastels, and other muted colors are best for TV.
  • Don’t wear tweeds, paisleys, or other small busy patterns. They create distracting ripples on the screen. Plain colors or very large patterns without a lot of fine detail are best.
  • It is OK to wear make-up, but not necessary.


8. What do I need to know for the day of taping?

  • Be sure to arrive on time, as other productions will be scheduled after yours. Bring directions and contact information with you so you can reach us and any other participants if you are delayed. We will schedule enough time for you to discuss your plans with staff and rehearse what you want to say on the set. Time is limited therefore punctuality is essential for successful results.  If you have a 5 PM slot, and will be late, we will have to reschedule.
  • Be yourself. You will come across better that way. There is no need to try to sound like anyone else.
  • Speak up so we can get good sound. If you speak too softly or loudly, we may have problems with that.
  • Do not touch the microphones or cables.
  • Stay in the position you started in, as our stationary cameras will not be able to follow motion.
  • Participants who have requested the video recording must complete a Talent Release Form. The form should be read carefully and agreed to before making the request.


9. What else do I need to know?

  • MCTV reserves the right to make editorial decisions based on the above. Some material may not be able to be used for technical or other reasons. Based on subject matter, some commentaries may be selected for individual themed episodes of the Quick Shot or combined with other segments for timing reasons.
  • MCTV reserves the right to deny repeat requests based on instances of no-shows, late arrivals, or other problems.


We will contact you when your appearance is scheduled for cablecast or online streaming so that you can watch and record it. We encourage you to become a member of MCTV and make more TV!