About MCCI

MCTV, Montague Community TV,  is a project of MCCI, Montague Community Cable, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) incorporation in 1989, based in Montague, and registered with the State of Massachusetts.  Our current board list can be found on the MCCI Board page of this website. 

MCTV’s mission as the public access provider for Montague, Gill and Erving, is to make the tools of modern, electronic mass communication easy and convenient to access and use. We encourage all citizens, organizations and institutions in Montague and the broadcast viewing area to produce and be involved in quality programming by and for this community. MCTV is committed to providing a professional yet friendly environment where Montague citizens may obtain hands-on training in video production and literacy. MCTV recognizes that Montague is not an island and though its first focus is the town of Montague, it actively engages in networking with other local PEG Access stations in the Franklin/Hampshire region to increase producer reach and viewer choices.

Public Access television can be an invaluable tool for strengthening expression, communication, understanding, and appreciation of diversity in a community, and to this end MCTV is especially committed to providing non-discriminatory access to the television medium to all Montague citizens and institutions. Senator Ed Markey (D, MA), when introducing the Community Access Preservation (CAP) Act in December, stated, "PEG access stations are televised town squares where local citizens can see and hear what is happening in their own community, and respond with their own voices to the issues affecting their cities and towns.”