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MCTV membership is free and entitles you to borrow equipment and access hands-on training in video production and media literacy.

In exchange, we ask that members update MCTV with changes in their information, read our website and periodic newsletter, take advantage of training and technical support and volunteer to help with productions and events. We ask that organizational and business members contact us about TV Underwriting and video partnerships to create shows about their news and events.

When you submit this completed form, we will enter the information into our user database which is maintained through the MCTV website.

To contact MCTV or receive information from MCTV without becoming a member, go to Contact in the main menu.

To submit a public service announcement, go to PSAs in the main menu.

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MCTV will provide you with our Station Policies and Procedures when you come in person to borrow equipment, take a class, join the Board, or volunteer, and ask you to sign off that you have read them and agree to abide by them.

Thank you for joining MCTV!

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