Public Service Announcement (PSA) Request

There are two ways to let the community know about your news and events.

1. Bulletin Board Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are cablecast on Channel 17. To have MCTV create a slide for a PSA, send us information about your event or program by filling in the form below. After you submit the form you will see our email address.

If you have a logo, or have a photo either for the background or to be placed next to your text, please email it in .jpeg format with your design concept and we will try to accommodate that.

We use a minimum font size of 32 and can fit at most a few brief lines of text per slide. For complex events we will make more than one slide: for example, one to invite the public and one to recruit volunteers or thank sponsors. For a series of events on different dates, we will make more than one slide.

While we use your press releases and flyers to learn about events that might be prioritized for video coverage, we will not reproduce them as slides as they are wordy.

Quick Shot Psa Guide

2. Quick Shots are video PSAs of varying lengths cablecast on Channel 17 and playing online on demand on Vimeo. You can use the video to promote your event or program on your own websites. Make a request for these videos by filling in the form below. Follow up with a call to MCTV. Video production must be scheduled at least 6 weeks in advance of your event or program.

Thank you.

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Events must occur at same location and have same contact info--otherwise, fill out a form for each event

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